Vote: Which of these cats has the best mustache?

Not all facial fur is created equal. And, after hours of primping, styling and trimming their signature stubble, they’re finally ready for the camera. These distinguished gentle-cats mustache you a question: Which mustache do you think is the best?

Handlebar mustache

Extra points for a perfectly fluffed coat to match a perfectly trimmed stache.

Lampshade mustache

This kitty nails the lampshade look. Trim and tidy, with corners angled just slightly, and a bow to match.

Walrus mustache

Who you callin’ a walrus? This little guy’s large, bushy stache is a winner.

Fu Manchu

The scraggly look is in. This Fu Manchu is just the right amount of clean and rugged.

Refined petite handlebar

Thin and curved just right, looks like this cat knows how to style a mean mustache.

Dali mustache

Known for high-reaching upward curves, this kitty masters the hard-to-style Dali look.

Mystery stache

Vote for me, and stay thirsty my friends.

Early bloomer

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Mustache? You've got to be kitten me…

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Don’t let the mustache fool you, he’s mature for his age.

Old-Timey stache

Have you seen my monocle? I need it to win votes.

Dressed to impress

This Oscar-worthy look is worth a vote or two.

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