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It’s not a yard, it’s a garden

Are you a city dweller who yearns for a garden? Don’t give up hope. See Miranda Brook’s backyard garden in Brooklyn, New York, and get ready for the inspiration for your own lush outdoor space.

Backyard garden

Photo credit: YiuCheung/iStock/360/Getty Images

You would never believe it if you saw it only in a picture, but Miranda Brook’s backyard garden is located in Brooklyn. After getting her start in the school garden, Miranda found her calling in lush greens and flowers. Now a landscape architect in New York, she loves to bring a bit of the country into the city. Inspired by the farm she grew up on in England, she enjoys escaping to her own garden wonderland. By planting every inch of her small space, Miranda left nothing to the imagination.

If you want to start your own backyard garden like Miranda, she has one strong piece of advice: “If you call your backyard a backyard, it will never be a garden.” And although planting on every square foot of your outdoor space that can withstand it may not be right for you, take Miranda’s direction and allow your backyard to be your canvas. Research what thrives best in your area and what is safe for your family and animals. Start small to avoid getting overwhelmed and let it grow from there… literally. Add space for an outdoor table and some type of turf that will allow you and the other members of your family to enjoy your hard work. If you live in a city area like Miranda, ensure that you are considerate of neighbors and have enough time to water and landscape your area as necessary.

Check out Miranda’s beautiful backyard garden

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