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Super chic neutral nail DIYs

Neutral nails don’t have to be boring. Keep it simple and stay fabulous with these super chic neutral nail tutorials.

Woman painting neutral nails |

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Stay chic with these fabulous neutral nail designs, and save a ton by doing it yourself.

Ring finger nail art

 Nail art for your ring finger

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of bling to give your look the boost it needs. Keep the rest of your nails neutral and add some simple art to just one finger for a low-key look that still screams fashionista. Brides aren’t the only ones that can have fun with this one, girls. Pick any finger and add some sparkle.

Get the tutorial for nail art for your ring finger >>

Ombre gel manicure

An ombre gel manicure

Ombre nails don’t have to mean bright, bold colors. This ombre gel manicure keeps it sexy with nude colors and lots of sparkle. At-home gel kits can be costly, but you can get a nice one for the cost of a couple manicures, so they pay for themselves in no time. Plus, gel manicures last a long time and hold up to tons of wear and tear. Still not sold? Try this look with regular polish.

Get the tutorial for an ombre gel manicure at home >>

Pearl French tips

Pearl french tip

This playful twist on a classic French manicure gives a nod to the classy ladies. That’s right, girls — those pearls don’t just go around your neck. Paint a few delicate dots on the tips of your nails to create the look of a strand of pearls on each digit.

Get the tutorial for pearl French tips >>

DIY French manicure

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure |

French manicures aren’t easy to do. That’s why we’re so willing to shell out big bucks for one at the salon. If you know the tricks, though, you can do it yourself at home. We’re sharing tips on how to get it done in eight simple steps — for just the price of your nail polish.

Get the tutorial for a DIY French manicure >>

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