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Feeling anxious? Try one of these 6 beautiful blue accessories to calm you


There’s no color quite like the color blue if you’re feeling anxious. Calming, cool and collected, blue is favored and loved by many. Universal, it goes with anything and, best of all, anybody. Give yourself a bit of tranquility today with a bit of blue fashion inspiration, office space ideas and little extras to add into your day.

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Need to calm your nerves after a stressful day? Wrap yourself up in a blue blanket. According to Psych Digest and color therapy studies, blue is proven to calm and lower blood pressure and is ultimately the best color to relax yourself with. The color of the water and the sky, this is a universal shade adored by many. Simple and easygoing, blue looks good in any place, anywhere and any time. We suggest that you put it in any room and keep an accessory on hand for anytime that you’re feeling a bit anxious.


blue fashion

Blue is one of the few colors that you can go all-out with and not look ridiculous doing it. Blue jeans, a forever favorite, look great with any color, but especially complement a like-colored top. Easy to mix with varying shades, it is easy to pop this hue into any outfit, any day of the week. Choose a royal blue accessory or bag for an instant calming effect.


blue decor

A neutral shade similar to beige and gray, blue is becoming increasingly popular in the home. Like your favorite pair of blue jeans, every color goes well with an easy blue. Add this shade in any part of your home to lessen daily stress. A trendy favorite in bedrooms and bathrooms, we recommend adding blues to your office to create a cool and calm environment. Go all-out by mixing in varying shades of the color or keep it simple with a rug, accent piece or bouquet of flowers.


Blue bonus

Sure, blue looks great on your bod and in your house, but it can be incorporated into any aspect of your life. Paint an accent wall, decorate your desk with blue file folders, go crazy with your eye makeup, use it as your desktop background or calm yourself with a beautiful blue nail design. An easygoing color, blue can calm you wherever and whenever you need it to.

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