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Stealthy tech devices James Bond would be jealous of

Ever wish you could have your very own Q to provide you with nifty mission-specific gadgets? Now you can with a little help from SheKnows and endlessly creative gadget makers.

1. Boeing Black
What’s a super-secret spy without a secure line to call into HQ? Boeing recently filed plans with the FCC involving the development of this little gem. Lips are sealed about the specifics, but we do know it can encrypt calls, protect stored info and even delete all the device’s data if the casing is tampered with. (Not yet available.)

2. CoverMe


That Boeing phone looks really cool, but you need a place to safely store the deets on your fellow agents and all the recon you’ve gathered now. Enter CoverMe, an iPhone app with all the features those in the intelligence world need:

  • Military-grade encrypted phone calls and secure private texts
  • Self-destructing messages
  • Recall or remotely wipe sent messages
  • Private photo and video sharing
  • Vault for private videos, photos, messages, docs, notes, diary, contacts and call logs
  • Secure passwords, including decoy passwords
  • Automatic photo-capture of intruders
  • Quick lock by shaking

Turn your iPhone into the ultimate spy gadget by checking out the iTunes store now. (iTunes, free) 

3. Ultraviolet Thief Detection Powder

Ultraviolet Thief Detection Powder

Every good spy knows a thing or two about counter-espionage. Protect your intel using this special powder that’s only visible under UV light. (Cheaters Spy Shop, $18)

4. Terrestrial Shrub Rover

Terrestrial Shrub Rover

Photo credit: Justin Shull

It’s a bush, it’s a plant… no, it’s a car. Artist Justin Shull created the shrub rover, a solar-powered vehicle, and we think it’s a great way to get the scoop on enemy activities. OK, so Shull doesn’t actively sell these, but if you need it badly enough, our guess is that he can name his price.

5. Pen document scanner

Pen document scanner

When you need a copy of something but can’t take it from the room without the risk of blowing your cover, the DocuPen gives you the ability to scan a document on the DL with a device that looks like a pen. (Plan On, $159)

6. A computer monitor only you can see
Sometimes a spy has to improvise. Make a computer monitor only you can see using an LCD monitor and a pair of 3-D glasses with this tutorial from Lifehacker.

7. Sonic nausea device

Sonic nausea device

And you’re busted! Don’t panic, just blast your assailant with a nonlethal blast of sonic nausea. (Amazon, $38)

8. Uzi Tactical Defender Pen

Uzi Tactical Defender Pen

The Uzi Tactical Defender Pen fits quite nicely into your breast pocket or purse just like a regular pen, but it has a little secret. Not only can it be used to fend off attackers, but it will capture a sample of their DNA at the same time. You can use it to break glass if a quick escape is necessary. Oh, and it also writes (underwater and upside down). (Think Geek, $25)

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