Need to get happy? Yellow pieces that will boost your mood

Looking for a feel-good color to boost your mood? Look no further than the lovely color of the sun, yellow. Find inspiration and happiness in a cheery yellow outfit, a bright sunny home or in small bits of your lifestyle.

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Leslie Harrington from the Color Association of the United States recently shared with Dr. Oz that yellow will help you to to get noticed, boost your mood and slow the effects of aging through seeing it, wearing it and even eating it (lemons, squash, bananas, etc). The go-to happy hue feels good when it’s on and when you’re immersed in it. Proven to make you feel better, yellow induces a good attitude and even makes you look more friendly to others. While our suggestions use the full extent of the hue, even little pops of the color can do the trick. If you’re feeling blue about something, throw on a sunshine-yellow scarf or necklace. Add hints of yellow in your kitchen to brighten up breakfast, cheer up your work space or lighten up your bedroom. Even the smallest touch can give you the happiness effect you’ve been searching for.

Wear it

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Fun, bright and filled with the mood-boosting color, this outfit is nothing but happy. To layer your yellow, mix solids with prints and varying degrees of the color. Small accessories are also a wonderful way to keep your mood up; a yellow handbag or pair of sunglasses can mesh well with everyday outfits, regardless of what other color you’re wearing it with.

Home/desk decor

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A wonderful home color combination is the safe yellow and blue. However, other hues go well with the bright shade, such as gray, navy, white and even pink. Regardless of the color you choose to accent yellow with, it will make a large difference in your home. An easy choice for your living space, you can add touches with a rug, curtains or even a picture frame.

For your nails

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Try these DIY nail designs so that you can take your cheery outlook everywhere.

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