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The home of the future will make sci-fi movies look lame

Remember how cool the house in Back to the Future looked? Well, that house doesn’t have anything on the homes of our real future. Modern and beyond cool, these tech gadgets are designed to make your house more intelligent so you can have more time for other things… like browsing the internet for more cool tech gadgets.

Floor plan switch

Floor plan switch

And we thought the flat designed switches of the modern age were cool. The floor plan switch allows you to turn on or off any light in the house from one place, with the touch of your finger. A great design, this is also pretty awesome to use when you want to play tricks on another party in the house.

Artwork radiator

Artwork radiator

Say good-bye to the ugly, clunky radiators of the past. Looking sleek as ever and disguised as artwork, this radiator is trendy and easy on the eyes. Hang it on any wall of your home for an instant heating option.

Electrolux fireplace

Electrolux Fireplace

Now you see it, now you don’t. This “magic” fireplace goes from luminous to crystal clear as it heats up. By turning opaque upon cooling down, no one will know that this is a heating device rather than an awkwardly shaped home accent.

Built-in oven

Built-in oven

Believe it or not, it is not the sleek look that makes this oven so awesome. This built-in oven comes with 13 different heating options that you can set for each of six racks, which you can use simultaneously. With an LCD display and a touch screen, this oven makes anybody a boss in the kitchen.

Translucent keyboard

Tansluscent keyboard

In the process of being developed, the translucent keyboard is a technology device you didn’t know you needed. Completely clear, unless you add the sticker counterpart, the keyboard is food and liquid resistant. Powered by lithium polymer batteries, the keyboard is completely wireless. Let’s just hope you don’t misplace it and overlook its transparency.

Magnetic floating bed

Magnetic floating bed

Forget the frame, let your bed float with two magnetic force fields. It will be similar to sleeping on a cloud or levitating. The floating bed is lightweight, and apparently amazing. Proven safe for anybody, you may want to refrain from keeping anything that may be attracted to the magnets, as it may provide for an uncomfortable sleep.

Vestel Assist smart kitchen

Vestal Assist smart kitchen

There’s no need to ask for help in the kitchen when you’ve got the Vestel Assist. A tech device that hooks up to all of the aspects of the kitchen, the Assist portion of this design measures and weighs food, keeps track of the contents of your refrigerator, store recipes and more. If only it could do the cooking for you.

usTogether bathroom design

UsTogether bathroom design

With this simplistic and futuristic bathroom design, the sink area and bathtub are connected. Keeping it small and to the point, the design is meant to add more room for more important things… like makeup, curling irons and, of course, the toilet.

i-sopod float tank

i-Sopod float tank

Take your bathing experience to the next level with your very own float tank. Built with its own filtration system, MP3 player and LED light, this is the perfect spot for relaxation. Although for commercial use only, the i-sopod is expected to move into homes in the future.

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