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8 Ingenious life hacks using a PVC pipe

You may strategically avoid the plumbing section at your local hardware store in favor of the garden section or the wall filled with paint swatches, but you may want to take a second look. PVC pipe comes in a range of sizes, and with a little ingenuity and handy skills, you can make all sorts of things to organize your home. From garage to bathroom organization, PVC pipe is about to be your new best friend.

Shovel and rake organizer

Photo credit: Ashbee Design

PVC pipe is relatively inexpensive, and it can easily be transformed into something useful. Paint it, bedazzle it or cover it in fun paper or fabric, and you’ll be on your way to having a custom organizer for just about anything you can think of.

Organize your shovels and rakes

Shovel and rake organizer

Photo credit: Ashbee Design

Are your rakes, brooms and various other gardening and home supplies tossed in the corner, leaning up against walls or difficult to access? PVC pipe to the rescue! Marji from Ashbee Design took control of her garage mess with this simple DIY solution. You can buy various sizes depending on your needs, color code them or label them to keep everything even more organized.

A place for all your tools

Tool storage

Photo credit: The Family Handyman Copyright © 2008 The Family Handyman magazine. All Rights Reserved.

If you have a handyman in the family, you know that there isn’t a shortage of tools in your house, but there may be a lack of organization for them. How many times have you purchased the same tool or another box of nails because you couldn’t find the ones you already have? The Family Handyman created this handy solution, which can be used in a variety of ways to fit your needs.

Maximize your counter space

Bathroom Storage

Photo credit: Crafting in the Rain

Are you short on counter space? Steph from Crafting in the Rain created this solution to keep her children’s toothbrushes off the counter. You could use a similar system for hairbrushes, hair dryers or even makeup.

Drawers other people will be jealous of

Drawer Organizer

Photo credit: Infarrantly Creative

Is it hard to find what you’re looking for in your underwear drawer? Beckie from Infarrantly Creative came up with this ingenious and adorable solution. Simply cut the pipes, paint them a fun shade and glue them together. The fun doesn’t have to stop at underwear — organize ties, scarves or even all those loose ends in your junk drawer.

Outdoor entertaining made easy

Utensil Organizer

Photo credit: Pretty Handy Girl

This adorable idea from Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl doesn’t just make outdoor entertaining easier, it also doubles as a vase for flowers when you aren’t using it for cutlery. Consider making a portable version to bring back and forth that could hold condiments or various other things you may need on the patio. You could also make one for inside to help make setting the table easier for your little ones.

The more shoes, the merrier

Shoe Organizer

Photo credit: Home Stories A to Z

Can’t stop buying shoes? We have the same problem, and now you can keep them all organized! Beth from Home Stories A to Z made this shoe organizer for her entryway to keep her family’s shoes looking tidy. But we’re thinking bigger, like a wall of your closet big. The more shoes the better, right? With an organizer this easy, you’ll want to buy even more shoes to fill it up.

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A crafty way to get organized

Craft room organizer

Photo credit: Lucky’s Creations

Craft rooms and offices are meccas for tons of small objects that need to be organized. There’s no need to keep buying plastic bins — make an organizer like this one from Pauline of Lucky’s Creations. Organize markers, pins, paints, paintbrushes, ribbons or whatever else you have. If you don’t want it sitting on your desk, hang it on the wall. The options are endless.

A good reason to collect wine

Wine holder

Photo credit: Transforming Home

Nothing is better than a good life hack and a glass of wine from a perfectly organized rack. Danielle from Transforming Home had an awkward space above her refrigerator. She already used it for wine storage, but she needed something custom to fit the space, and then the PVC wine rack was born. PVC was practically made for wine bottles, as there is a size that fits them just perfectly. Make one to hang on the wall or to set on the floor. Make it as big as you want, and then have a goal to fill it up with new wines to try.

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