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Tech of tomorrow: Print your docs with this robot

The only drawback to a mobile office is the lack of a truly mobile printer… until now.

Woman using mobile printer

Photo credit: ZUtA Labs

You can take your computer with you everywhere… your tablet, your smartphone and even your scanner. The only reason your office isn’t 100 percent mobile is that pesky printer, no matter how oversized your purse. Unless the guys at ZUtA Labs have anything to say about it.

They’re currently working on the world’s first truly mobile printer, the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer, and you won’t believe how it works. This cute little guy comes in two colors (white and black) with a design so sleek, you’d never know it’s a printer. It can print on any size paper at a speed of 1.2 pages per minute — not exactly Speedy Gonzales, but it sure beats the prices at Kinkos (and the constant need to find one that isn’t two miles away).

Color printing isn’t available, and it does have a much lower resolution than the one in your office, but how often do you really desperately need to print a photo on the go? But the ink and paper have a lot to do with just how good your finished product looks, and from the looks of the Kickstarter page, it’s a great way to print text docs and uncomplicated black-and-white images.

Watch the video to see it in action.

Kickstart the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

If this is a product that speaks to your roving heart, you can get involved for a pledge of between $5 and $10,000 with multiple tiers to let you be the first to get your hands on the white, black or Kickstarter edition printer. Check it out soon because the lowest black printer tier is already sold out.

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