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6 Ways your home will soon be smarter than you are

Doing housework manually is a thing of the past. With these new technological gadgets, your home is about to go from so-so to brainiac in a matter of minutes. Check out some of the ways your house is about to score a higher IQ than you.

LG HomeChat
You’ve left your house but forgot your grocery list at home and forgot to start the washing machine. No worries, you can text it! That’s right, with a few clicks of your smartphone, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to do something again. Your chores will literally do themselves, so long as you tell them to.

Smartphone-controlled LED lights
You’re about to fall asleep, but you left the light on. Now, instead of being too lazy and sleeping with the light still lit, you can turn it off by using your smartphone. From the comforts of your own bed you can turn a light in another room on or off. Not mentioned in the video, it’s also a great way to freak out house guests and children.

Samsung Smart Home
Like the LG HomeChat, Smart Home lets you start home appliances when away from your home. However, instead of texting the appliance, you can simply tell it what to do with your Galaxy Gear. With this technological device worn on your wrist, you can turn off your lights, your AC, your vacuum and more. Connected to other devices in your home, such as the TV and the remote, your Smart Home products communicate with not only you, but with each other. Program them to your personal preferences for easy changes from day to night. Just make sure you and your significant other agree on the preferences, to avoid any Smart Home controversy.

The Ring
The Ring is another device that is not only awesome for your home, but for life in general. With this device wearable on your finger, you can tell nearly anything and everything what to do with hand motions. Perfect for creating a technologically advanced home, the Ring can be programmed with electronics, lights, appliances and more. Forget the diamond, ask your significant other for their hand in marriage with the Ring instead.

Perfect for apartment dwellers or people short on time, the AeroGarden allows you to grow a garden in the comforts of your own home. Faster than the traditional outdoor garden, the AeroGarden can grow anything from fruits and veggies to your favorite flower. Simply plant the seeds, water them, and watch your garden grow. Then do it all over again 24 hours later.

iRobot Scooba
The iRobot has existed on the market for quite a few years, but has never been as awesome as it is now. With this robotic vacuum that sweeps, mops and scrubs your floors with the push of a button, you’ll never have to worry about getting down on your hands and knees again. Perfect for small, hard-to-reach areas, the iRobot will make you forget about the days of the traditional broom and mop method. Now you can use your dustpan for more functional things, like filling up a bucket of water that won’t fit in the sink.

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