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Two-legged boxer’s first trip to the beach (VIDEO)

Break out the tissues and reevaluate your life goals. This video never gets old. We love watching Duncan Lou Who, a two-legged boxer, going to the beach for the very first time. You will laugh, cry and generally feel good about the world after watching this amazing video.

Duncan Lou Who is an internet sensation

The 9-month-old boxer from Vancouver became an overnight celebrity with this two-minute YouTube video documenting his first time at the beach. He was born with severely deformed hind legs that were eventually amputated. He has a wheelchair to help his mobility but prefers to be able to run free. Duncan’s owner, Amanda Giese of Panda Paws Rescue, posted the video of his happy trip to Rockaway Beach.

Amanda told KING-TV, “Duncan is my hero… Duncan will continue to face every obstacle to come with grace and perseverance. He will change lives, and he will be the light at the darkest hour for many because he is the definition of life.”

Aww, Duncan. We love you.

Keep on running.

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