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5 Old design styles that are coming back strong

Get nostalgic with the days of your childhood by taking a walk down memory lane. Making a big comeback this year, these decor styles will make you wish you kept all of those knickknacks your grandma gave you.


Distressed leather

Distressed leather

Distressed leather was huge in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s (think of Mad Men). A vintage style that can bring a great amount of sophistication to the room, this design style looks good in the form of a sleek couch or smoking chair or as small accents around the room (Restoration Hardware, $2,375-$4,585). Mix your favorite distressed leather piece with modern fixtures or another favorite vintage design style.


Yellows and greens

Yellows and greens

Yes, it’s true, yellow and green have made a huge comeback this year, especially in the kitchen and even in the family room. They’re popping up on couch fabrics, bedding, dinnerware and, thankfully, not as a carpet option… yet (West Elm, $5). Start adding grandma’s favorite color palette with throw pillows or accent pieces, and once you’re comfortable with the trend you can add larger furnishings (although you may want to go for the slipcover rather than the whole lime green couch).


Midcentury modern

Mid-century modern

Midcentury modern was seen a lot post World War II, and we’re beginning to see a lot of it today. A classic design style that showcases sophistication with clean, crisp edges, midcentury modern furniture pieces are worth a long-term investment. A simplistic style, this type of decor is versatile and easy to fit into any home’s style. If this is the design you’re leaning toward, keep it modest with midcentury furniture, a rug, a lamp and only a few pictures on the dresser (Copenhagen, $2,095).




Going back to the days of free love and free spirits, bohemian decor is finding its way back in 2014. Filled with a lot of color, unique furnishings and artsy accents, this is one of the most laid-back design trends around. Make the transformation in your home by switching out neutral curtains and bedding for bright-hued cottons, and replace ordinary fixtures with vintage flea market finds and unique worldly tapestries (Urban Outfitters, $39).


Antique farmhouse

Antique farmhouse

Even though the antique farmhouse design style is one of the oldest on the list, it has been one of the most popular on Pinterest. With its antique furniture, distressed wood flooring and iron beds, this style is both elegant and charming (Anthropologie, $1,998-$2,298). You can bring this easygoing trend into your own home by laying quilts on the bed, adding milk crates and hanging wire baskets and, of course, anything you can find at the antique store.

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