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10 New ways to be trendy at home

Tired of the chevron and chalkboard paint? Give your space a new look with one of these emerging trends. They’re sure to give you the inspiration you’ve been longing for.

1. Herringbone


Photo credit: Live Love DIY

For those of you still obsessed with all things chevron, herringbone is a great way to move away from your favorite trend of yesterday. Use it as an excellent accent to furniture, rugs, throws and even curtains.

2. Rustic nautical

Rustic Nautical

Photo credit: The Thinking Closet

We’ve seen stripes pop up in recent years, but in 2014 we’re noticing a love for all things nautical. From the lovely red, white and blue to rustic oars and rope, this is an exciting look that can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and more.

3. Antlers


Photo credit: Liz Marie Blog

Not just for hunters, antlers are now being hung above mantels everywhere. A versatile accent that can be used anywhere in the home for hanging accessories, towels and more, we see this trend staying around for years to come. Create your own faux antlers, like our featured blogger, or purchase some at a home decor store.

4. Dipped furniture legs

Dipped furniture legs

Photo credit: Honey Bear Lane

Love gold but afraid of commitment? Dip it! This bold way to add color and shine lets you be trendy without having to change your decor too much. Complement bar stools, touch up desk chairs, or go big with larger items like desk furniture and kitchen tables.

5. Ombre


Photo credit: The Feminist Housewife

Ombre hair was hot in 2012 for beauty, but we’re taking that light and dark combination off of our tresses and into our homes. From walls to furniture, ombre is making a huge hit in houses everywhere. With this great option for an accent wall, you can choose any color in your ombre mix for the other three sides of the room.

6. Diamonds


Photo credit: DIY Showoff

Your home will shine bright like a diamond with this new and emerging pattern. Whether you use it on an accent wall or simply choose it for pillows, runners and throws, this is an elegant trend terrific for anyone. Perfect for neutral decor schemes, this pattern is an awesome way to bring shine in without going too bright.

7. Honeycomb


Photo credit: Vintage Revivals

Another unique trend emerging this year is the distinctive honeycomb pattern. Although newer, the honeycomb design has a vintage appeal to it. Brighten up with paint on your walls or go basic by making your own honeycomb shelves.

8. Exposed brick

Exposed Brick

Photo credit: Snippets of Design

For those of you who love the idea of a trendy city loft, you’ll be head over heels for exposed brick. Keep your exposed brick as is, or paint it for a distressed, vintage vibe.

9. Accent door

Accent door

Photo credit: home.made.

For homeowners who live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood, you’ll love distinguishing your home from others by painting your front door. Paint it to match your trim or choose something bold for curb appeal; this is a wonderful way to bring some personality to the exterior of your home. Just check with your homeowners’ association before purchasing your supplies.

10. White walls

White walls

Photo credit: A Beach Cottage

Sure, we all love a good accent wall, but in 2014 we’re going back to the basics with all white everything. A delightful option for commitmentphobes, white walls keep your home looking cool, calm and collected without you having to lift a finger. With this easy way to change out trends and patterns, you won’t ever have to worry about disliking your chosen paint color years (or months) down the road.

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