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Everyday inspiration: Buy a houseplant

Sure, houseplants look pretty. But did you know they also purify the air, improve health and even sharpen concentration? Find out what happened when three women added a little greenery to their homes.

Houseplant house

Challenge: buy a houseplant

Why? The health benefits of houseplants have been proven in multiple studies. So before investing in a pricey air purifier, go a prettier route and buy a new plant instead.

Our ladies react:

Katie: In converting my son’s nursery into my daughter’s, I am attempting a transformation that not only suits my budget, but her budding personality. Through a few simple decor changes, I am converting his nursery into her garden retreat. While upcycling as much as possible, I want to bring some new elements into the space to make it truly her own, starting with a greenhouse and plant from Ikea. It is amazing how a simple houseplant can add not only a splash of color but an earthiness that reminds us to remain grounded. Her new garden will be the perfect place for her to grow.

Bromeliad plant |

Sandra: My green thumb has always consisted of a paid gardener and my father. I’m frankly surprised my dogs have survived. But when I bought my mid-century vintage home last year, I wanted it to feel like a real adult home. Nothing says grown-up and domestic like houseplants. This week, I purchased a bromeliad. Isn’t she gorgeous? I am nervous because I have managed to murder these types of plants before. But I can do this. I’m an adult, I can care for living, breathing things. Let’s see how this goes.

Nora: When I was a kid, our house in Tahoe was filled with tropical plants. It was the perfect escape from the cold winter. As an adult, I have never had a plant in my apartment. It seemed like it was too small of a space and would require too much upkeep. Turns out having a plant in your living space, no matter how small, is a great mood booster. It makes me feel like I am in a tropical place and puts a smile on my face. It also gave my apartment a face-lift, bringing in new color and adding definition to the small room.

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