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Decorating Tips for displaying your accessories

You’ve gathered several amazing things to decorate your living space, but now you’re not sure how to assemble them in a way that gives each accessory its due but doesn’t make the space look cluttered. Here are a few clever organizational tips to get you started.

Home decor accessories
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Switch directions

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Bookshelves are not just for books, ladies. Take advantage of all those shelves and use them to display some of your pretties. Don’t just set them anywhere, though, or you’ll end up with a cluttered display in a hurry. Set some of your books horizontally, and place smaller accessories on top. This breaks up some of the larger displays and makes the shelves look less crammed.


Achieve balance


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Unbalanced displays tend to look thrown together. Achieve balance in longer displays, like on the mantel, by starting from the middle and working your way out. Place your largest piece, which will serve as the focal point, in the middle. Work your way out by placing like-sized items on either side.


Use trays

coffee table tray

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Using trays is a great way to pull together lots of accessories without creating a cluttered look. Instead of scattering items all over your tabletop, corral them together in a tray. Don’t just throw together any mismatched pieces, though. Make sure they’re all of similar colors or textures.


Have an anchor

table runner

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It’s easy for several items arranged on a table to look scattered. Pull it all together with an anchor, like a table runner. This simple addition makes your collection look like a planned arrangement, not a scattered mess.


Choose a corner

kitchen tables

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Who says everything always has to be placed in the middle of your table? Gather a few pieces (remember to keep it an odd number) and arrange them in a corner instead. Sometimes, an unexpected placement is all it takes to achieve a fresh look.


Pick a color scheme

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Random accessories displayed on a shelf quickly turn to clutter if you don’t plan carefully. Before you arrange items on a shelf or tabletop, pick a color scheme for your display. Items of different shapes, sizes and uses suddenly seem to go together when you pull them together in a complimentary color palette.

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