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Bright and colorful nail design tutorials


Say goodbye to bland and boring nails this summer with these bright and bold nail tutorials.

Brightly colored manicure |

Photo credit: marigo20/iStock/360/Getty Images

Anyone can add a coat of polish to their nails and call it a day. Stand out from the crowd with a bold nail design. They may seem tricky, but no worries. We’re here to show you how it’s done.

Two-toned color blocking

Two-toned color blocking nail design

Color blocking is still a popular trend in the world of fashion. There’s no reason you can’t carry it over to your nails with this look, inspired by the Chanel spring 2014 runway.

Get the tutorial for two-toned color blocking nail design >>

Striped pop art

Wooly pink striped nail design inspired by Chanel

Straight lines are so blah. Go outside the lines and have some fun with this striped pop art.

Get the tutorial for striped pop art nail design >>

Melting ice cream

Melting ice cream nail design |

Nothing says summer like ice cream dripping down your fingers. Skip the sticky mess and get the look with these polish tricks.

Get the tutorial for melting ice cream nail design >>

Mermaid scales

Mermaid scales nail art |

What girl never dreamed of being a mermaid? Sport the look on your nails this summer for a little seaside fun.

Get the mermaid nail art tutorial >>

Chevron pattern

Chevron stripes

Chevron patterns are all the rage when it comes to home decor, but have you ever thought of putting them on your nails? Pick your favorite color duo and give this look a try.

Get the chevron pattern nail design tutorial >>


ombre nails

The ombre look isn’t just for your locks anymore. You won’t believe how easy this look is to pull off on your nails, too.

Get the tutorial for ombre nail design >>

Abstract floral nails

Fashion Week: Rebecca Minkoff-inspired floral nails

Floral patterns don’t have to mean delicate pansies and petunias. This abstract floral pattern brings in all the colors of your garden, without feeling overly girly.

Get the tutorial for abstract floral nails >>

Splatter manicure

Nail art tutorial: splatter manicure

Sometimes looking a little bit messy is what it takes to look put-together. Confused? Just trust us and try this splattered paint look.

Get the splatter manicure tutorial >>

Classic plaid

3 Classic plaid nail art designs

Plaid shorts aren’t the only way to sport this popular pattern this season. Pick your color scheme and reproduce the look on your nails instead.

Get the tutorial for classic plaid nail art >>

Feathered ombre

Feathered ombre nails inspired by Chanel |

Go bohemian chic with this new take on a popular design.

Get the tutorial for feathered ombre nail design >>

Fish-tail French manicure

Fish tail frech manicure |

The French manicure will never go out of style, but the bold colors this summer are a great reason to switch it up a bit.

Get the tutorial for fish-tail French manicure >>

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