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12 Decorating mistakes you can fix in 10 minutes or less

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of freshening up and fixing your home decor. These 12 easy fixes will have your rooms looking clean and crisp in 10 minutes or less.


No window treatments

Curtains are totally key to your home’s appeal. If you only have blinds covering your windows, simply hang a curtain rod and drape sheer fabric over it for an airy and bright ambiance.


Knickknack clutter

All too often, tiny trinkets, frames and cute knickknacks overrun spaces and give homes an overpowering dose of country charm. Remove 10 small decorative items from your shelves and surfaces to let your room breathe.


Poorly placed wall art

Whether your wall art is a mirror, portrait or painting, make sure it’s not placed too high or too low on the wall. Your room will look its best when wall art is hanging 60 to 66 inches from the floor, so move your poorly placed wall art to improve your room’s dimensions.



Just like knickknacks, picture frames have a way of taking over a home’s decor. If you have more than one framed photo on your bedside table or shelf, remove the extra frames and place the photos where they belong — in a photo album — for an updated appeal.


Grouping items in even clusters

Anytime you have a set of decorative items like vases or candles, you need to display them in odd-numbered clusters. Either remove or add one decorative item from or to even-numbered clusters so your room will look finished rather than patched together.


Family portraits in bedrooms

Your family is truly beautiful, but you may not want them staring at you when you cuddle in bed at night. Move family portraits into shared spaces like kitchens and living rooms to avoid the creepy feeling of eyes staring at you and your guests while sleeping.

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