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Koala bear selfies are the cutest things ever


Think only the human kind enjoy taking selfies? Think again! This koala at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo is a major selfie addict (and a pretty cute one at that).

Is that a pimple I see?

Admit it, you take pictures when you feel a blemish, too.

Me and my eucalyptus leaf just chillin’

Apparently even the koala enjoys the silly selfie moments, as he snapped this cute picture mid-chew.

Lunchtime #foodgram

This koala has a serious love for food and selfies, if you haven’t noticed. Wonder who handed him the iPhone?


This koala is either pretending to take a selfie to check out his lady friend in the background, or she just successfully created an epic photobomb on this guy’s selfie moment. We’re guessing it’s the latter.

I pumped the iron today #gymselfie

Showing off his strong chest and sweet, soft body in the Sydney Zoo.

Side profile selfie for my koala dating app

What a serious face this koala has, but even the stoic face doesn’t hide his cuteness.

Hey girl, want to pet my fur?

This soft and silly guy is game for anything. We love his hilarious personality.

I make selfies look good

We couldn’t agree more.

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