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Show off your smile with these 6 makeup tips

Learn how to make your smile pop with these simple makeup tricks.

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You’re gorgeous, and so is your smile. These easy makeup tips are a way to showcase one of your best features.


Dust on bronzer

Giving yourself some shine with bronzer will not only give you a sunkissed glow, it will make the whites of your teeth really pop.

Bronzer: Before and after

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Apply blue-toned lip gloss

When you use a cool-toned lip gloss, it will give the illusion that your teeth are much whiter than they appear. This is because your teeth are also a cool-toned shade and when the two shades are next to each other, the lip gloss frames your pearly whites to make them appear brighter.


Create a red lip

Not into lip gloss? Try a blue-toned red lipstick instead. It’ll create the same effect. The contrast of your rouge lips and white teeth will make your choppers appear brighter than ever. And for long-lasting red lips, try a lip stain.

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Widen your lashes

Bring all the attention to your eyes with full lashes. Choose a mascara that will add a lot of volume to them. Make sure to apply the mascara to the lashes on the outer edges of your eyes. Having those curve up will make your eyes appear wider and, in turn, your smile brighter.


Add color to your cheeks

Bring life to your face with some blush. Rosy cheeks will liven up the color in your face, make you look beautifully flushed and allow the whites of your teeth to shine.

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Define your eyebrows

Draw attention to your amazing eyebrows. Properly define your brows by either getting them waxed or investing in a brow pencil and brush. When your eyebrows are nicely shaped, your face is properly framed. So now, when you smile, it’s not only your beautiful teeth that will shine — your brows will say hello, world.

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Take care of your teeth

The ultimate best way to brighten your smile is to properly take care of your teeth. Make sure you’re taking great care of your smile by choosing a great toothbrush, like ARM & HAMMER™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™. Use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash if you can.

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