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Beauty essentials to freshen up your work bag

Whether you’re about to head to a meeting or to a date after work, keeping these beauty essentials at your desk at all times will keep you ready for whatever.

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You never know when you’re going to sweat. It can be when you’ve got a presentation coming up or when you’ve got to talk to your boss about something important to you. So to stay fresh, make sure you always have deodorant on hand for stinky situations. We like ARM & HAMMER™ Essentials Solid Deodorant in Unscented.


Oil blotting sheets

Whether you’ve been in and out of meetings nonstop or have been sitting at your desk all day, oil will build up on your face. Keep a pack of oil-absorbing sheets at your desk so your skin can look and feel fresh throughout the day.


Travel floss

Nothing is more embarrassing than talking to a coworker while you have food stuck in your teeth. Keep a small pack of floss with you. Most people are usually afraid to tell someone when they have food stuck in their choppers, so make this your personal responsibility. You’ll want to have the floss for those times your delicious lunch remains in your pearly whites.


Bobby pins

Want to pin your hair up or keep a pesky piece out of your face? Make sure you have some bobby pins. There’s so much you can do to your hair with just a couple pins. But your hair is just the beginning of how you can use bobby pins. Don’t have that floss? Use a bobby pin as a toothpick to get that piece of food out your teeth.


All-purpose moisture stick

If your hands and lips tend to get dry during the day, reach for an all-purpose moisture stick. This way, you won’t have to buy two separate items: lip balm and lotion. You can use the moisture stick on any part of your body. It’s all you need.


Tiny dry shampoo bottle

Freshen up your hair in a jiffy with some dry shampoo. This spray will absorb any oil in your hair and give your strands the boost they need to look alive. Use it in the middle of the day and/or at the end of the day before you head out to after-work drinks or dinner.



Perhaps you’ve been called into an impromptu meeting with some important people at your company. Have lipstick on hand so you can instantly glam up your day look. You’ll look like you’re ready to take on anything. It’s also great to have extra lipstick at work because your lip color is bound to fade during the day. Re-applying to your lip will keep your pout looking fresh.

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