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Coachella style diary: My free-spirited fashion journey


Some people go to Coachella for the music; others go for the fashion. Me? I really just wanted to play dress-up in the desert.

Coachella Style Diary

Day 1

Let me start off by saying I’m so not one of those fashion bloggers who goes to Coachella solely to get photographed, but I got photographed! Ahhh. Twice in one day, actually. And it felt really freaking cool. The first girl (I think she ran her own blog) approached me as I was fighting my way over to the main stage and asked to take a picture of my muscle tee, specifically. “Palm trees and pool parties” — it doesn’t get much more Coachella than that. Of course, I let her.

The second woman came up to me while I was waiting in line for VIP and actually had a real camera (not just an iPhone) and looked like a legit photographer, too. She was super into my high-waisted shorts and took several head-to-toe pictures of me before asking me to turn around so she could photograph the back of my shorts. Like I said, she totally dug my shorts. I was feeling so flattered and so chic at the time that I completely forgot to ask where the pictures would even end up. Ugh. Looks like I’ll be stalking any and all fashion posts entitled “Coachella Street Style” this week. I just hope she got me from my good angle!

Coachella Style Diary: Day 1

What I wore: Brixton Wesley Fedora (, $56), Bitching & Junkfood Denim Cutoffs (, $109), The Palm Trees and Pool Parties Tee (, $44), Jeffrey Campbell Everly Boot (, $131)

Day 2

I saved my cutest outfit for today. I’m not really sure why, but it seemed appropriate considering it was Saturday and I never wear dresses. Plus, there were so many amazing bands/people I wanted to see perform tonight: Muse, Pharrell, Lorde, MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Foster the People, Nas, the list goes on. All was fine and dandy (I even got photographed again and received tons of compliments on my dress!) until desert storm decided to hit. It was so windy and cold by the time the sun went down, and the line to buy a sweatshirt was so absurdly long that there was no way we were about to stand in it. Luckily, my friend had a cardigan she let me borrow for a bit.

Flash-forward a couple of hours later and I’m huddled in a group circle with a bunch of my friends desperately trying to keep warm. It sort of worked, but everyone was so miserably cold and Nas was already late coming on that we decided to just head home. Sadly, I lost my gorgeous floral crown on the walk to the car (thanks for nothing, wind!) and I couldn’t find it among all the trash on the ground for the life of me. Here’s hoping for a much hotter day tomorrow…

Coachella Style Diary: Day 2

What I wore: Nasty Gal Falling Lillies Maxi Dress (, $58), Spring Sunset Floral Crown (, $34), Marie Turnor Aria Fringe Bag (, $380), Reef Mayan Sunlight Sandal (, $64)

Day 3

Wowzas, I’m officially worn out. It was an amazing day, though, and there was hardly any wind to speak of, thank goodness. We were feeling pretty lazy, so we didn’t make it to the festival until 6 p.m., which means no one snapped any street style pics of me. According to my Coachella roomies, however, today’s outfit was the best one all weekend. I think my sequin sleeve military jacket is what really won them all over. It’s a serious showstopper, and I always get loads of compliments whenever I wear it.

As much as I like music, I have to admit, dressing up for Coachella was probably my favorite part of this whole experience. I love Bohemian style, and it was so fun to experiment and put together three unique festival-friendly outfits. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing what everyone else was wearing and only hope I can incorporate some of the trends into my wardrobe this summer.

Until next year, Coachella!

Coachella Style Diary: Day 3

What I wore: Kirstin Ash Coloured Cord and Charms (, $34-$44), Nasty Gal Martine Swimsuit (, $68), Stella & Bow Beacon Ring (, $28), Stella & Bow Dunes Ring (, $81), Sequin Sleeve Military Jacket (, price varies), Shoe Cult Tabitha Booties (, $74)

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