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Everyday inspiration: Book a ticket

When was the last time you treated yourself to a concert, special event or movie that didn’t involve princesses on ice skates or talking snowmen? We asked three women to invest in their happiness by buying themselves a ticket to an event of their choice.

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Challenge: book a ticket

Why? Splurge on tickets to something fun and you’ll be glad you invested in a memory-making experience.

Our ladies react:

Katie: As a pediatrician and mother, most of my days are focused on the interests of children. For my first SheKnows challenge, I was encouraged to book a ticket. While I could easily have found many kid’s activities, I sought to rediscover my interest in the arts and not just children’s theater. I quickly decided on tickets for the tour of Book of Mormon coming to Philadelphia this summer and I am excited about sharing uninterrupted and uncensored adult discussions at this event. This challenge reminded me not to abandon my personal interests as a mom, but rather to find ways to incorporate them into my family life.

Bouvier: My husband and I have been talking about going to a Dodgers game for quite some time now. Between both of our schedules and our daughter’s sleep schedule, it has almost been impossible to find the perfect time to go. When this challenge came about, I viewed it as an excellent opportunity to just go for it. Is it going to be tough to bring a 15-month-old to a baseball game during her bedtime? Yeah. But it’s the family time that matters and we’ll make the most out of it. Go Dodgers!

Jenny booked a ticket |

Jenny: I love concerts but I’m a pretty frugal gal and rarely treat myself. However, when I found out that Alison Krauss is doing a show on my anniversary, I purchased three tickets without batting an eye. My husband and I fell in love to her music and we can’t wait to share it with my son. While I could have spent the money on just about anything else, as you can see, the excitement I feel is priceless. The next time you’re tempted to buy tickets to an event — splurge! I promise, the happiness you feel will be worth it.

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