Martha Stewart’s medicine cabinet is not as tidy as you might think

It’s a medicine cabinet face-off! Can Instagrammers out-Martha Martha, the queen of home decor, with their medicine cabinet organization? Let’s find out.

Martha Stewart

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Martha Stewart’s “How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet” video gives helpful tips like ignore the namesake and don’t actually put medicine in there. This small bathroom space is made for items you use every single day. Martha stores her beauty care products in small containers, giving her medicine cabinet a neat and tidy look. We love the simple color scheme and the light and airy feel to this medicine cabinet, but we couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t quite as “Martha” as we thought it would be. Maybe it’s just us, but we expected more. So we took to Instagram to see if anyone else out there could out-Martha Martha herself.

Keep it simple

Martha’s medicine cabinet tutorial sticks to the “keep it simple” mantra — small containers in similar colors. We love this look. But if the medicine cabinet doors came off — or guests were to peek in — what we’d see is still a medicine cabinet. Take a look.


Our winners

What we were hoping to find is something with a bit more decorative style on the inside. And that’s what we found when we peeked inside Katherine Sandoz’s medicine cabinet. Rumor has it, she even leaves notes inside her medicine cabinet just in case guests really do decide to take a look for themselves.

We also love the look and style of Stephanie Orr’s medicine cabinet. Those ceramic bottles are doing double service — they’re not just storing day-to-day products, they’re also decorating that small space to the max.

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