Career horoscopes: April 21 - April 27

Apr 20, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. ET
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Provocative energies peak on April 22 and 23. This is when Mars — the angry red planet — will be at its most combative and retaliatory. Employers will be high-handed and demanding, and employees will be surly and agitated — and if you work in customer service or HR, you can expect an overwhelming flood of complaints and grievances from people who only want to vent and don't want to do anything constructive to improve their situation. This will be enough to get on your last nerve. It's important to keep your cool during this time because any stray remark or underhanded comment would only ignite a tinderbox of controversy. Keep a low profile and you'll see the overall atmosphere improve after April 28.

Career horoscopes: April 21 – April 27
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ARIES (March 20 - April 18)

Uranus is the planet of revolution and change. Its job is to upend all the fixtures in your life and free you from the shackles of the past. Right now, Uranus is at peak intensity, so you'll feel the urge to walk out on your job, switch career tracks or start something of your own. It's a good idea to obey the planetary impulse even if you have no idea what comes next. Sometimes, you have to get rid of the same old same old just to think clearly and create.


TAURUS (April 19 - May 19)

Nobody wants to be saddled with a deadbeat at work. It's why you did the best job you could to cover for a boss who's out of his depth or to help a client who couldn't make up her mind even if there was only one choice on the table. Yet what started as an exercise in futility has slowly evolved into a once-in-a-lifetime educational opportunity. You wouldn't have learned the things you've learned if it weren't for this person. Charity may be its own reward, but it will also provide something substantial on April 24.


GEMINI (May 20 - June 19)

"Sacrifice" isn't a word in your vocabulary. You prefer other words like "payback," "investment" and even "lending." Nevertheless, you will be asked to give up something of great value on April 25. Usually, you would laugh it off — except for the fact that the person making this request is someone high up in the chain of command. Don't try to maneuver your way out of this or offer up a substitute in place of what you're being asked for, because it would go very badly. This is a test, so do as you're asked and you'll pass with flying colors.


CANCER (June 20 - July 21)

Stand your ground on April 21 and 23. This is when you will find yourself in a face-off with a potential employer or client. It looks like you want to work together, but the price is not right. This person is asking you to cut your rate or increase your hours with no compensation. It's a nerve-wracking situation because you really need this job, but don't cave in because you'll only resent it afterward. You need to start off on the right foot or the entire venture will be botched from the get-go.


LEO (July 22 - Aug. 21)

It's going to feel like a twister is spinning through the office on April 21 as colleagues duck for cover, superiors are tossed out on their cans and opportunists rush forward to fill the vacuum. Your ambitious side will urge you to step into the breach, but hold off for now. Things are wildly unpredictable and will continue to be until after the solar eclipse on April 28. You'll show yourself off in the best light by not making a power play. Be the calm in the storm and people will respect and applaud you.


VIRGO (Aug. 22 - Sept. 21)

Mountains revert to their former status as molehills when your Ruling Planet Mercury enters Taurus on April 23. This isn't to say that you misjudged a work situation, because you didn't. You were right to sound the alarm. However, corporate culture is such that people want to fix a situation without calling too much attention to themselves — especially when they're to blame for dropping the ball or pushing an unpopular agenda. In any case, leave it alone for now but continue to keep tabs on the matter so nothing like this happens again.


LIBRA (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21)

Mars in your sign makes you feel strong and powerful and like you can do anything. It's Astrology's version of an adrenaline rush. You feel like you can take on the world. You will see how well you do with this energy on Tuesday and Wednesday, when Mars forms adversarial aspects to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. This will trigger all of your fight-or-flight instincts regarding a high-stakes business matter. You really must ask yourself if that prize you seek is worth fighting for, because it will cost you — and cost you big.


SCORPIO (Oct. 22 - Nov. 20)

You come alive in a crisis. When the Uranus/Pluto square on April 21 throws others into a panic — sending them running around like Chicken Little, screeching that the sky is falling — you will coolly size up matters. You'll have three days to figure out if you can salvage something from this situation. If you can't, then you should cut your losses and get out while the getting's good. However, should you spot an opportunity in the fiasco (perhaps on Wednesday), then you must act quickly. The sheer audacity of this move will shock and awe everyone.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 21 - Dec. 20)

You're one of the few people who will not be adversely affected by the cardinal grand cross that will be wreaking havoc in the heavens from April 20 to 24. Although you may take a hit financially, you won't be knocked off your perch thanks to your Ruling Planet Jupiter being exalted in Cancer. This confers cosmic protection so that you can take a licking but keep on ticking. However, you could wind up benefiting from others' disasters. That will set up a moral dilemma of sorts, but you can deal with that next week.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 21 - Jan. 18)

An important partnership or professional tie will be tested on April 22 and 23. This is when you will have to choose between standing by this person or ending your association in order to pursue a competitive offer. Capricorns get a bad rap for being scary-ambitious, but few people agonize over the consequences of their business decisions as much as you do. And that's precisely why you need to take the self-imposed guilt trip off the table. You need to coolly assess your prospects and make your decision based on figures and not on feelings.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 19 - Feb. 17)

Businesswise, this should be a lucrative time for you. Venus' translation of light these past two weeks should have brought an influx of customers, subscribers and clients. She also may have blessed you with a backer or two. Yet it's in the nature of Venus to tack some expenses onto that added income. Translation? You may be spending money as fast as you're making it on things like upkeep, redesign and expansion. Even if you don't have much to show at the end of the day, rest assured that this is money well spent.


PISCES (Feb. 18 - March 19)

How many fish you catch depends on how wide a net you cast. If you've pushed yourself to go for it these past two weeks, then you can look forward to taking in a substantial haul on April 25. Not only will this refill nearly empty coffers, but you'll even be able to salt away funds for a rainy day. However, there is still more to come between April 25 and May 24. In fact, this could double what you have now, but it will be up to you to follow through on what's in the works.

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