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An inside look at the HGTV 2014 dream home

This year’s HGTV Smart Home is located in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. With Southern charm and gorgeous hints of blue, this is one dream house worth seeing.

Main level

With a nice blend of colors, the HGTV Smart Home’s downstairs has the typical family room, dining room and laundry room. But this area is spectacular because of the oversize automatic curtains, butler’s pantry and built-in coffee area in the kitchen. The master bedroom is designed in a soothing color scheme with plenty of light and relaxing space. The adjoining master bathroom has a large tiled shower with many water features and a built-in TV, making it a dream come true for any home owner.


By taking the tour upstairs, you can see that the HGTV designers kept the decor scheme throughout the entire house. A children’s room has its own bathroom and a large, inviting window seat to view the great outdoors and provide fun sleepovers — the rustic design is the perfect mix for this country home. Across the bedroom is a children’s den, perfect for movie nights and cartoon fests. Past the tiled bathroom, you’ll find a lovely, neutral guest room accented with Kelly green.

Using color

If you hadn’t noticed in the videos, the HGTV Smart Home designer took a liking to blue when decorating this home. Mentioning that it goes well with every color, she used the hue as a focal point in nearly every room, squaring off the living space in the family room, drawing attention to the high ceilings in the kitchen and creating a fun pattern in an otherwise small space in the upstairs den area. A great alternative to the used-up browns and trendy gray, blue is a relaxing and awesome color to use in any home.

See the entire home, including the rocking basement

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