Low-maintenance tips for beautiful feet

Nothing is more unattractive than cracking feet. And with flip-flop season around the corner, it’s important that your bottom extremities look as glam as the rest of you. It’s easy to forget about taking care of your feet until the weather gets warm. But don’t let that be your excuse anymore. We love these easy, low-maintenance ways to keep your tootsies soft and beautiful at all times.

1. Exfoliate

The skin on your feet is bound to get a little hard from all the high-heel shoes you wear. Get rid of your dead skin cells by using a callus-scraping tool. Doing this often will prevent build-up on your feet and leave them smooth. You can also use a foot scrub.

2. Moisturize

The more you moisturize, the less you have to exfoliate. Use a foot cream twice a day. But if you don’t have time for that, cover your feet in lotion and then put on socks right before bed. Think of this as a deep conditioner for your feet. And if you find sleeping with socks annoying, do this process right when you get home from work. You’ll get the same benefits by simply walking around the home with your freshly moisturized tootsies in socks.

3. Deodorize

Your underarms aren’t the only place that need to be refreshed. Your feet need some loving too. Smelly ones are a big no-no, but it happens. This is when you need to reach for a foot deodorant. A couple spritzes or puffs from your favorite aerosol or powder brand will leave your feet odorless and provide wetness protection, so any sweat you accumulate throughout the day won’t result in a funky smell.

4. Toenails

The most important part of your feet are your toenails. Treat them like you would your fingernails. Clip, file, and moisturize often to keep them healthy and strong. Give yourself an at-home pedicure by purchasing the proper tools to keep your toenails in good shape and length. Pay attention to things like possible fungus and ingrown nails. If you notice white or yellow discoloring at the tip of your toenails, as well as crumbly edges, you might have a fungal infection. Remedying what might be fungus right when it starts with over-the-counter products will prevent it from spreading to the rest of your nail. Take care of your ingrown nail situation by purchasing and regularly using an ingrown toenail file.

5. Skip the heels

Once in a while. Nothing makes you feel better than strutting your stuff in a pair of sexy high heels. But the very same thing that is making you feel good about yourself is also damaging your feet. The rubbing against the shoe material and squeezing does no justice to your tootsies. Let your feet breathe in flats or sneakers with more wiggle room for your toes. It’ll help prevent things like bunions.

6. Use blister block

If you absolutely can’t put down the heels, guard your feet. Apply blister block to the areas of your feet you know get irritated before you put on your shoes. This will prevent any nasty and painful blisters from popping up.

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