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Study shows how fashion changes for moms


You’ve heard of “mom jeans” — well, a study shows that it’s not just our pants that change when we have kids.

Mom with toddler

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High-waisted elastic jeans give “mommy style” a bad rap, but what else changes when we have a baby? A new study from the U.K. shows that a whopping 78 percent of moms change the way they dress after they have their first child.

How your style changes

Two thousand moms were interviewed in the streets of the U.K. and via online poll at Shoe Zone to find out what has changed for them, fashion-wise, and why they ditched their familiar beauty routines. They found that 40 percent of the moms polled said that, on average, their heel height dropped by two inches. Eighteen percent cut their hair into a no-fuss bob, and seven percent stopped coloring their hair.

The top reason? Over 50 percent reported that as moms, they have no more time for fashion. Other reasons cited were speed and comfort as well as fitting in with other moms and even looking the part.

Specific mommy style choices

Moms also feel pressure to drop some elements of their previous style, such as short skirts, skinny jeans, crop tops and bikinis, saying that as soon as they became a mom, these types of clothes were relegated to the donation bin.

However, not all moms keep these changes for good — most moms said they abandoned the mommy uniform when their children reached, on average, 3 years and 9 months of age. The reasons? Nearly 30 percent said they missed their old clothes, 22 percent were fed up looking like a mommy, 21 percent changed their styles when they returned to work, and 17 percent said they missed their high heels.

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