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Easy breezy hairstyles for natural beauties


Ditch your products and styling tools (or at least look like you did) with these natural hairstyles that beg for the warm breezes of spring and summer.

Naturally beautiful hair

Photo credit: Eduard Titov/iStock 360/Getty Images

We all know that effortless beauty doesn’t necessarily come without just a teensy bit of effort. With these simple hairstyles, though, you’ll be ready for a casual day at the beach or park in five minutes flat.


Wavy and wonderful chignon

How to do a simple chignon updo |

The word chignon is obviously French for fabulous. OK, maybe the actual definition is a little closer to “coil of hair,” but this adorably loose chignon will have your girlfriends gasping with jealousy. All you have to do is form loose waves with a flat iron and pin them to the nape of your neck for a casually polished look.


A bedhead kind of sexy

Hairstyle how to: Sexy Victoria's Secret bedhead curls |

Any hairstyle that emulates Victoria’s Secret models is guaranteed to be equal parts glamorous and tousled. Give yourself luscious, immaculate sex hair by creating these bedhead curls for your weekend ‘do.


Beachin’ waves

Beach waves

Unless you’re blessed with natural waves, you’ll need to employ pomade and a flat iron to create a hairstyle that looks like it’s been kissed by the sun and sea. If you want a little extra pizzazz, spray your beachin’ waves with shimmery hairspray.


Bandanas for unwashed hair

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing a headscarf

Photo credit: Anthony Dixon/

Make use of the spring and summer months by sporting hair accessories that aren’t acceptable in the winter. If you’re working on greasy, two-day-old hair, tie a bandana across your forehead to mask the oil and pull off a look that’s retro chic.


Hot cross buns

Rita Ora hairstyle tutorial

Any hairstyle tutorial that requires style mavens to start with hair that looks “slept in” and “undone” is right up our alley. Give yourself a bombshell bun with wild flyaways that just ask for a day flying kites at the park.


Pumped-up curls

Sexy waves hairstyle tutorial photo

Pair these power-lifting curls with a mini dress for an effortless look that’s perfect for a hot summer night. Make sure your hair has plenty of volume for the look by sleeping on it wet and spraying a volumizing product throughout your tresses before styling.


Sweet side braids

Miranda Kerr braided hairstyle tutorial

Need a way to turn your beachin’ waves into a flawless hairdo for nighttime? Simply create a deep part, braid two hanks of hair and pin the braids back for a sexy hairstyle that will let you leave the house in under five minutes.


Barely-there waves

Kate Bosworth hairstyle tutorial

Go a little wild and crazy with your curling iron by creating these tousled, messy and barely-there waves for a night out on the town. These loose waves are the perfect update to a hairstyle that you normally wear straight.

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