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Bloggers dish on their reasons for gardening

Everyone has a reason to grow something greater, and these ladies are no exception. These top bloggers are sharing with us the reason behind their gardens — what’s yours?

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Create a backyard masterpiece

Audrey McClelland was taken aback when her husband’s plans for a “little” garden suddenly took over most of her backyard. She was pleasantly surprised, though, when her husband and kids took the idea and ran. Now they’ve got a gorgeous garden that produces more food than she ever imagined, and they put it all to more than one good use.

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Find a reason to get outside

Vera Sweeney thinks kids have lost touch with backyard fun, thanks to endless access to electronics. She loves that a garden gives them a reason to get outside and actually play in the dirt — something many of us did daily growing up.

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Find a reason to toast

Kelley Lilien is a lady after our own heart. Her garden efforts are not aimed at scrumptious homegrown salads or veggie-filled casseroles. No, she’s cultivating fruits and herbs to enhance her summertime cocktail hour.

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Appreciate the Earth a little more

Keri Glassman says growing plants helps you better appreciate the Earth and what it provides. She has tips for starting your garden, whether you’re in a tiny apartment in the city or out in the middle of nowhere.

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Remember where you came from

Candace Soriano grew up in suburbia, but these days she’s a city dweller. Though she doesn’t have the space to recreate her father’s garden, she’s able to use his influence to add a bit of green to her space. Not only do the plants remind her of home, she also puts them to work.

Find out what she does with her city-grown greens >>

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