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Pete and Tally: A romantic love story of two pups

They say that opposites attract when it comes to love, but did you know that this is also true in the dog department? Two of a kind and completely adorable in every way, these two pups show us the meaning of true love. Meet the dog couple of your dreams, Pete and Tally.

This is Pete.

This is Tally.

They met by chance.

They went out a few times.

And then, they fell in love.

They became inseparable.

Nothing could tear them apart.

Not the Breaking Bad vs. New Girl debate.

Not “My mother’s on the phone, say hello.

Not even the front-seat-back-seat situation.

They traveled together.

They went to parties together.

They even started an online business together.

And then, one day, Pete said “I woof you.”

And Tally said, “I woof you, too.”

It made them both pretty happy.

They believed their dreams had come true.

Then, one day, Pete had an idea.

“I woof her,” he said. “I want to marry her.”

And so, he asked her. And she said…

The two were ecstatic and began making plans.

They registered at their local pet store.

They shopped for houses.

They took engagement photos.

And she found the perfect dress.

When the big day arrived, Pete was nervous.

But she was too beautiful for him to get cold paws.

And they lived happily ever after.

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