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Transparent texting can help you text while walking

How many times have you ran into something, tripped or stumbled while looking down at your phone? Transparent texting could solve all your texting-while-walking problems.

Photo credit: Geber86/iStock/360/Getty Images

Texting and driving is extremely dangerous and illegal in many states. Walking and texting, though not illegal, could be just as dangerous. Apple is looking into a safer way for iPhone users to multitask through transparent texting. This program feature would allow users to view a live video feed in the background of their iPhone screen while using the keyboard. The idea has not yet been confirmed, but outside sources have stated that a patent for the idea was filed. Apple has not said when or if this program will be included in an IOS update. The transparent screen would fit into the design of new iPhone software nicely and could be used for other programs, such as eBooks and Safari.

For those who cannot wait, there are currently apps such as Walk N Text and Type N Walk that allow smartphone users to text with a transparent background. Whether or not Apple goes through with this idea, it is safest to leave your phone in your pocket while walking.

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