10 Traveling families to inspire you

Traveling the world with kids can be done successfully. Just ask these 10 globetrotting families.

Going Anyway

Going anyway | Sheknows.com

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House in the suburbs, job, school, mortgage — who needs it? Not this family. Chris and Jill had other plans for their family of six (now seven). True, five kids and a wheelchair don’t make it easy to backpack across Asia, but what does this family say? We’re Going Anyway!

Suitcases and Sippy cups

Suitcases and Sippy Cups | Sheknows.com

If you’re looking for useful travel advice from a mom who knows what she’s talking about, check out Suitcases and Sippy Cups. Here, you’ll find practical nuggets like “10 Ways to Entertain a Toddler in a Hotel Room” and “Tips from Traveling Experts on Traveling Safely with Children.”

Family on Bikes

Family on Bikes | Sheknows.com

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What happens when a family of four hops on their bikes to cycle 17,300 miles from Alaska to Argentina? Find out in the Family on Bikes online journal that chronicles the Vogel family’s three-year, 15-country trek. These self-described “modern day adventurers” are living examples of what happens when you live life to the fullest.

Family Trek

Family Trek | Sheknows.com

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Ever wish you could ditch the nine-to-five job and see the world? If so, you have something in common with Clark and Monica from the Family Trek blog. Their quest is to “work less, live more and travel the world” with their family. Yes, they have gone the unconventional route to finance all that travel (living in the in-laws’ basement) but they’re living proof that a regular family with no trust fund can find a way to follow their dreams.

Travel with Bender

Travel with Bender | Sheknows.com

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Aussie high school sweethearts Erin and Josh Bender celebrated their 10th anniversary in a big way. The Benders packed their bags, rented their house and set off to see the world with their 2- and 3-year-old kids in tow. That was May 2012. During their 574 days of travel, the family documented their adventures, along with recommendations on accommodations, food, places to see and things to do on their family travel blog, Travel With Bender.

Bohemian Travelers

Bohemian Travelers | Sheknows.com

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The Bohemian Traveler family ditched the rat race seven years ago to become “digital nomads,” exploring Central America, then Southeast Asia, while homeschooling (travelschooling) their children along the way. This globetrotting family’s blog is filled with travel advice, educational tips and an entire section on travel inspiration.

Worldschool Adventures

Worldschool Adventures | Sheknows.com

Amy and Mike didn’t stop their travel adventures when their family expanded. They now travel six months out of the year and “unschool” their two boys along the way. No itinerary, no schedule, just a general idea of the places they’d like to visit. The world is their classroom, and in Amy’s words, travel gives them the opportunity to “educate outside of the box,” using “the resources, the community, and the real life opportunities that surround you to raise curious, knowledge-seeking children.”

A King’s Life

A King's Life | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: A King’s Life

The King Family sold most of their possessions in 2010 and took off for what was supposed to be a six-month trip to Costa Rica. As you may have guessed, they decided to extend the journey, and today they continue their world travels with their three- and five-year-old children. A King’s Life gives an honest glimpse into the life of a family living a different type of American dream.

Four Dots on the Map

Four Dots on the Map | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: Four Dots on the Map

Thinking of planning a round-the-world trip for a family of four? Get the lowdown from a family who’s been there and done that. You won’t want to miss their comprehensive To-Do List that includes everything from having farewell drinks at work to starting a travel blog.

Edventure Project

Edventure Project | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: Edventure Project

The parents behind the Edventure Project knew even before their kids were born that they did not want to send their children to school. If you agree that the world is a better classroom than a typical school, check out the resources and amazing photos on this family adventure and education blog.

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