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Research suggests crows may be as smart as your children


Have you ever wondered if it is possible for crows to be as intelligent as they are in Aesop’s fable? Well, recent studies show that crows actually are quite intelligent. In fact, they may be as smart as human children. Check out this video to learn more.


Those dark, eerie creatures that seem to hover above your shoulder on a late, foggy night. The bird that is used to make your house spooky for Halloween. That’s right — crows. Despite their reputation, we should reconsider the way we view these birds. After all, they may be smarter than your children.

The University of Auckland in New Zealand and the University of Cambridge in England proved that the New Caledonian crow is as smart as the average 5 to 7-year-old child. The study was inspired by Aesop’s fable where a crow is unable to reach water in a half-filled pitcher. To test the intelligence of these birds, researchers created multiple scenarios with tubes of water that had a worm floating at the top for incentive. They placed heavy objects for the birds to pick up and drop into the water to raise the level so their beaks could eventually reach the worm. All six crows that were tested succeeded in receiving their reward.

How does this relate to your child? Researchers say both the crows and children used the same reasoning skills. The researchers did, however, say they allowed the crows more tries than the children. Aesop was really on to something.

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