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How to decorate like a billionaire

Not all of us can be billionaires, but all of us can appreciate the over-the-top nature of billionaire decor, and all of us can learn the basics of furnishing a home like a billionaire. (You know, just in case.) Here’s how to decorate your home like a billionaire in 13 easy steps.

Luxury home exterior

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Stock up on animal print

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The first rule of billionaire decorating is, of course, to make sure you have enough animal print to let the world know you are a billionaire.


It’s all about the busts (of the marble variety)

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The second rule of billionaire decorating is to throw as many marble busts into a room as humanly possible and then act casual about it. Like, “Oh yeah, that marble bust of myself. I totally forgot I commissioned that for $6 million.”


Utilize the self-portrait

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Self-portraits are a must, obviously. You can also never go wrong with a few pillows of your face in every room. Really anything that advertises your beauty and importance should be played up.


Keep the royalty theme consistent

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As a billionaire, you are practically royalty. This means you can and should decorate with a regal theme, and if you don’t have a throne in your home you’re doing it wrong.


Monogram it all

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Monogram your towels. Monogram your pillows. Monogram your silk toilet paper that you ship in from across the world. Whatever it is, make sure it has your initials (and possibly family crest) on it.


Use at least two chandeliers per room, no exceptions

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Chandeliers are a good indicator of wealth and class, and, therefore, a good thing for your billionaire decor. Pepper your home with chandeliers, and then when people comment, say, “Why, thank you. You don’t think 42 chandeliers was too many for this room, do you?”


Think classic (as in Greece and Rome)

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Nothing screams money quite like ancient Greece and Rome. Make sure your home includes plenty of pillars and statues and a general feel that you might be at Hearst Castle or the Pantheon.


When in doubt, add more fur

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Fur or faux fur should be so plentiful in your billionaire home that your guests can scarcely go one step without seeing it, walking on it or talking about it.


Don’t forget the velvet

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Velvet is the fabric of the elite, after all.


Play up the gold (24 karat)

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The more gold the better. Throw 24-karat gold around like it’s glitter from the dollar store and today is your birthday.


Make sure you have opulent ceilings

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Every last inch of your billionaire home should be accounted for, and that includes your ceilings. Make them magnificent. Make them grand. Make them worthy of Queen Elizabeth II on her Coronation Day.


Sprinkle it with tassels

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Tassels are a casual way to convey to someone you are a person of fortune and they are a person of good fortune to even be in your home.


When in doubt, go the extra mile

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Billionaire decor, by definition, should be over the top, so don’t be afraid to go that extra mile down the path of crazy furnishings (even if that mile is a life-size zebra or a bath fit for a king). After all, you’re a billionaire. Why not?

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