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The kitchen renovation guide

This guide is chock-full of all the information you need to renovate your kitchen. Save it, pin it or print it so that you have what you need before you start the big demo.

Kitchen renovation

Renovating your kitchen

Homeowners make the decision to renovate a kitchen for many reasons — the kitchen may be outdated, they dislike the design made by a previous owner, they need more space, etc. But for whichever reason you had for renovating your kitchen, one simple idea comes to mind: “to minimize the bad and maximize the good.” This quote, taken directly from the blog Manhattan Nest, is a great philosophy to keep in mind when designing and creating the kitchen of your dreams.

If you’re using a contractor, you’ll want to know how to tell him what you want.

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Before you get started, check out a few of our favorite renovations.

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Have a family? Here are tips to survive a kitchen remodel.

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