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4 Trendy kitchens you can create on a budget

A dream kitchen often feels like just that — a faraway wish with no grounding in reality. Who has the time, the money or the design skills to really tackle a renovation project? How do you even know where to begin? Well, we raided Ikea’s Facebook page to show you how to steal the look.

1. For those who love a good DIY project

This gray kitchen is a masterpiece in the “simple yet chic” genre, and the best part is that every single item comes straight from Ikea.

Ikea Dream Kitchen 1

That’s right. If you’re into doing your own updates, all you need to recreate this beauty is some time and these gray drawer fronts ($88 for two),  black knobs ($5 for two) and silver handles ($8 for two). Once the basics are in place, pepper in a few statement pieces like this chandelier ($40) and these bar stools ($90) and make your dream kitchen a reality. Simple as that.

2. For those with limited space

If you fall into the category of “I have a tiny, overwhelming-to-decorate kitchen,” Ikea has you covered.

Ikea Dream Kitchen 2

This small kitchen manages to be adorable and functional with just a few key items, like that sleek roll-away kitchen cart ($199) that serves as an island and storage unit and a well-placed shelf ($30) that maximizes space. Add a few bold elements like an interesting clock ($13) and fun dish towels ($5 for two) and voila! Dream kitchen in a tiny space.

3. For those who love neutrals

This neutral kitchen is bright, happy and easily customized depending on your own style.

Ikea Dream Kitchen 3

Get this Ikea look with simple black bar stools ($70) and a classic table ($149) as your backdrop. From here, go crazy. Add a striped rug ($199), toss in green chairs ($119) and a colorful vase ($30), and there you go. Drab to fab, as they say.

4. For those who love romance

This shabby chic kitchen looks like it belongs in a cottage in the French countryside, all romance and dreams and natural light.

Ikea Dream Kitchen 4

Ikea achieves this look using these white countertops ($59) and this chrome-plated faucet ($149), but it’s really in the details where this space shines. Details like simple floral dish towels ($5 for two) and vintage-inspired rose tins ($6 for three) (to store away all that tea you’re going to need). Features like this beautiful vase-turned storage unit ($20) and these ribbed bowls ($2) that scream for fresh ice cream. Sigh. Take us away already!

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