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New Jersey boy without arms plays the trumpet


Many elementary school students play instruments, but few do it with their feet. Jahmir Wallace was born without arms and has taught himself to use his toes to play the trumpet. Check out this video to hear Jahmir’s motivating story.

Photo credit: meshaphoto/E+/Getty Images

We live in a society where we take the simplest things for granted. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had no arms? How would you eat? How would you drive to work? How would you dress yourself? How would you write? Fifth grader Jahmir Wallace is challenged by simple actions such as these every day. Three days before his birth, his mother learned that he would be born without arms. Jahmir has overcome his irregularity and has adapted to everyday situations by using his feet to eat, write and much more.

The most-inspiring aspect of Jahmir is his passion for music. He learned to play the trumpet by using his toes to press the valves. Jahmir chose the trumpet because he thought it would be easy to play. Playing the instrument challenged Jahmir, but he was determined to learn. Now he plays just as well as any other fifth grader. He doesn’t let his abnormality keep him from doing what he wants. Jahmir is an inspiring role model for people of all ages. This young boy is proof that no matter what obstacle life throws at you, you can overcome it with hard work and determination.

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