14 Awkwardly awesome stock photos

The big, wide world of stock photos includes many that we at SheKnows can’t quite comprehend. Think of these 15 photos as the tip of a very strange yet hilarious iceberg.



Fat man Ballet

Photo credit: riskms/iStock/360 /Getty Images

Jeté! Jeté! This incredible duo is sure to be in the next production of The Nutcracker, coming to a theater near you this holiday season.


Dog DJ

Dog DJ

Photo credit: Andrey Armyagov/Zoonar/360/Getty Images

This dog’s crazy eyes make me feel very uncomfortable. However, in a way, I feel I can relate to it. I, too, probably look this way after a three-mile run to Cher’s greatest hits blaring through my headphones.


Businessman using foot phone in office

Businessman using foot phone in office

Photo credit: Duston Todd/Getty Images

Remember when you were young and saying “Talk to the hand because the face isn’t listening” was your favorite insult? This photo not only brings it to life, but takes it to the next level.


Spooky senior lady

Spooky senior lady

Photo credit: Izabela Habur/Vetta/Getty Images

I can’t decide which is more surprising, my initial reaction to this photo or the spooky Victorian countess’ face when she discovered she was holding a tray with a human hand.


Mad scientist

Mad scientist

Photo credit: Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images

Hey bud, Einstein called. He wants his glasses back ASAP.


Easter egg

Easter egg

Photo credit: Jonas Adner/Moment/Getty Images

Perhaps there is more than what meets the eye with this photo. Maybe it is a representation of how this man is incredibly fragile, like the shell of an egg, and how his insecurities have him all caught up in the yolk. I tried.


Bizarre man in vintage toilet

Bizarre man in vintage toilet

Photo credit: Nomadsoul1/iStock/Getty Images

When his swim coaches told him to “Dive right in,” I don’t think this is exactly what they had in mind.


Portrait of young woman with paperclips in her hair

Portrait of young woman with paperclips in her hair

Photo credit: RedChopsticks/Getty Images

The woman in this photo is so nonchalant, it’s as if she doesn’t even realize there is an array of paperclips in her hair. I’d like to rename this photo, “Trendy new hairstyle for summer 2014.”


Cool fashion elder lady with electric guitar

Cool fashion elder lady with electric guitar

Photo credit: tommasolizzul/iStock/Getty Images

This photo is living proof that no one can rock ‘n roll quite like grandma. It appears that she is prepared to audition for Iron Maiden to become the new guitarist. Keep on keeping on, grandma.


Man singing in shower

Man singing in shower

Photo credit: Alija/Vetta/Getty Images

I admire this man. If I could, I would add a retro microphone to my daily shower routine as well. It would make singing at the top of my lungs so much more real.


Blonde in kitchen eating pasta like crazy

Blonde funny on kitchen eating pasta like crazy

Photo credit: LUNAMARINA/iStock/Getty Images

Lady Gaga, is that you?


Studio portrait of young man with
tied face trying to cut rubber bands

young man with tied face trying to cut rope

Photo credit: Duston Todd/Getty Images

This is a feeling we all know too well — a serious case of the Mondays. Some of us just deal with it better than others.


Studio shot of young woman dressed as a baby

Young woman dressed as a baby

Photo credit: Rubberball/Nicole Hill/Getty Images

Her parents told her the Easter Bunny wasn’t going to come unless she did a real smile for the shoot. It really upset her.


Studio shot of woman with windblown mouth

woman with windblown mouth

Photo credit: Jessica Peterson/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Now this is a woman who really understands her pets. She won’t laugh at her dogs the next time they whine to have the windows rolled down in the car. She will just roll them down and stick her head out to “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly, and everything will be fine.

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