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13 Lipstick shades to know and love

Trust me, at least one of these lipstick shades will look good on you if you know your skin tone and learn the right eyeshadow pairings.

13 lipstick shades to know and love |



Nude lipstick

There is a nude for everyone. You can go with a brown nude (shown on me), pinky nude or peachy nude depending on your skin type. If you’re wearing this subdued tone, be sure to pump up the blush and eyes to avoid looking washed out. This is a great color to wear with a charcoal smoky eye.



Peach lipstick

This tone looks great on fair, warm skin tones. If you have a cool skin tone, avoid this like the plague; you’ll look ill. Pair this lip with warm brown and peach eyeshadows.



Coral lipstick

This lip color looks better with warm or neutral skin tones (Neutral: You have both pink and yellow in your skin). Warm browns, soft purples or soft charcoal eyeshadows look pretty with this lip.



Orange lipstick

Almost everyone can rock orange. It’s an alternative to red if you’re too scared to be bold. There are so many ranges of orange that you’re bound to find one that will look great on you. Pair with vanilla, peach or soft brown eyeshadows.


Blue red

Blue red lipstick

Looks best with cool skin tones. When wearing red, it’s a great time to throw on a thick cat eye eyeliner, curl your lashes and lather on two to three coats of mascara. Classic!


Orange red

Orange red lipstick

Looks best with warm skin tones and/or warm hair color. When wearing red, you can go classic with basic black eyeliner and bold eyelashes or, using matte eyeshadows and blending very well, you can be bold and rock a smoky eye too. Who says you have to choose between the eye or lip? That’s nonsense. As long as your makeup looks classy, blends and looks clean, you can pair a smoky eye with a bold lip anytime.


Soft pink

Soft pink

You can choose from a ballet-shoe pink to a fun baby pink — there’s an appropriate soft pink for every skin tone. Cool toned brown, purple, green and pink eyeshadows look lovely next to soft pink lipstick.


Hot pink

Hot pink lipstick

You must own this color if you’re going to wear it. Combine striking black lashes and eyeliner. Because hot pink will be the main event on your face, don’t distract with overpowering eyeshadow. Stick to soft pinks and browns.



Crimson lipstick

This lip tone looks best on medium and dark skin gals. Not that a freckled-skin, red-head beauty can’t pull it off — it will depend on your natural lip color. If your natural lip color has a purple or brown undertone, this color is for you. It looks amazing with both light and dark eyeshadows. Consider this lip color limitless.


Neutral color

Neutral lipstick

To find the perfect neutral pink for you, match the lipstick to your bare natural lip color. Whatever color that is is your neutral lip color. You can pair any eyeshadow colors with this lip. A neutral lip color will only complement your look, never overpower it.



Purple lipstick

This lip shade is not for the weak. Purple is a trendy color and will look best with cool toned skin. Pair with cool toned brown, charcoal gray or black eyeshadows. Good Luck!

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Mauve lipstick

This lip shade looks great on most people. Mauve lips look pretty combined with almost any eyeshadow tones, too: green, purple, warm or cool browns, and charcoals and blacks will look best.




Brown looks beautiful on dark skin gals. It’s best for anyone who is looking to pump the eyes and let the lips disappear. There are many different shades of brown. Light browns or beige look great on fair skin, medium browns looks great on medium and dark skin and dark browns are great with medium and dark skin. Bottom line, it’s a beautiful alternative to nude.

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