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10 Most-epic crafts of all time

There’s crafting, and then there’s epic crafting. You have to see these 10 epic crafts. They’ll blow your mind and inspire you to create something fabulous!


Star Wars saga cross-stitched on 30-foot-long canvas

Star Wars Saga Cross-Stitched On 30 Foot Long Canvas

Photo credit: Nineteeneightyeight

Aled Lewis teamed up with friends and family to retell the Star Wars story via a 30-feet by 13-inch cross-stitched canvas. This tapestry depicts the Star Wars saga from Episode 1 through Episode 6, and quotes from each movie are written in Aurebesh on the surrounding border. This crafty ode to Star Wars is currently on display in Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles and is for sale for $20,000.


Cork pants

Cork pants

Photo credit: Blog Your Wine

Yes, you read that right. We can’t explain these, but we love them. And we want to know how many bottles of wine the owner had to drink to make them.


Tinfoil portrait

Tin foil portrait

Photo credit: Dominic Wilcox

A talented British designer, Dominic Wilcox, made this detailed 3D replica of his own face out of regular tinfoil. His fragile sculpture was created by forming tinfoil into an old plaster mold that was made when the artist was 21 years old.


Bottle cap art mural

Bottle cap art mural

Photo credit: Fish Restaurant

This mural is made out of colored bottle tops and hangs on the wall in the dining room of Fish, a restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina. We love everything about this, from the materials used to the beautiful image created.


Food art

Food art

Photo credit: Foodscapes

London-based photographer Carl Warner uses bits and pieces of food to create incredibly realistic and intricate scenes. Heaps of bread become rugged mountains, cucumbers become tree trunks and cabbage leaves become foliage. Warner and his team assemble the ingredients one piece at a time on a table top, creating interpretations of renowned architectural structures — like the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, human figures ranging from gondola drivers to cowboys, and sweeping vistas ranging from the London skyline to vast deserts.


An eagle made out of pennies

An eagle made out of pennies

Photo credit: Practical Machinest

This eagle is made out of pennies. We love the open wingspan and the gold and silver detailing in the face and claws.


A straw mobile

A straw mobile

Photo credit: Aunt Peaches

Himmelis — little ornaments made out of short strips of straw — are a form of Lithuanian folk art and are crazy popular come Christmas time. And this is a mobile made of seven small decahedrons, one large decahedron and no tape. The artist just pinched the ends to make them fit into each other. She reports that for such a delicate thing, it’s surprisingly sturdy.


A wedding dress made out of flowers

A wedding dress made out of flowers

Photo credit: Ace Photography Blog

A wedding dress was made out of flowers and used as a centerpiece. We love how romantic and creative this idea is.


A chair and ottoman made out of pool noodles

A chair and ottoman made out of pool noodles

Photo credit: Valera Velev

Valera Velev is a Russian artist and the creator of Fizz, upcycled art that reinvigorates old items that have stories to tell. His chair and ottoman made entirely of foam noodle-like tubes, like the ones kids play with in a pool, has gotten a lot of attention — including ours.


Paper-clip carpet

Paper clip carpet

Photo credit: We make carpets

Can you believe this carpet is made out of paper clips? These Amsterdam-based artists say they’re proud of defying gravity with this project. We say they absolutely should be proud of this gravity-defying and uber-unique creation.

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