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7 Perennial flowers for your spring garden

Now is the time to get in your garden and pretty up your green space so you have the most enviable flowers on the block when summer arrives. Not sure what to plant? Give these seven perennial flowers a dig and you’ll have a garden of beauty in a few weeks.


Mesa bright bicolor blanket flower

A member of the Gaillardia genus, the mesa bright bicolor blanket flower is an eye-catching perennial that resembles its sunflower cousins. Boasting bright yellow blooms with a pink-red halo, this sturdy plant has a long blooming season ranging from early summer until the first frost. If you can’t find the mesa, there are over two dozen other varieties of blanket flowers to choose from.


Rock columbine

Columbine, also known as granny’s bonnet, is a stunning perennial in the Aquilegia genus that thrives in sun to partial shade and regular watering. Plant it in the spring for gorgeous violet blooms into summer.


Pink evening primrose

A member of the Oenothera genus, the pink evening primrose sports an X with its pistils. This delicate-looking flower is actually a hardy spreading perennial that can tolerate partial shade as well as drought. Look for these beauties to open their flowers as the evening nears.


Small globe thistle

This spiny orb-shaped perennial is a member of the genus Echinops, which unsurprisingly means “hedgehog like” in Latin. Best planted in sun to partial shade, the globe thistle will be a magnet for butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects.


Santa Barbara daisy
A vigorous, spreading perennial, the Santa Barbara daisy is a member of the Erigeron genus and is an easy way to grow a blanket of cultivatable flowers. Not to be confused with the true daisy, this plant will bloom throughout the summer.


Penstemon delft blue Riding Hood
This species of penstemon, or bearded tongue, displays dramatic deep-blue blooms that beg to be featured in a summer dinner party bouquet. The delft blue Riding Hood needs well-draining soil and tends to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.


Common yarrow

In the Achillea genus, common yarrow features large, compact clusters of flowers at the top of its stems that have delicate fern-like leaves. This pretty perennial is a low-maintenance plant that blooms in summer and is frequented by hummingbirds and butterflies.

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