Friday’s Fashion Fails: Emma Stone and Rihanna

Oops… even celebrities get it wrong sometimes. We’re telling you why Emma Stone and Rihanna’s fashions fell short in our weekly feature. Learn from the stars’ sartorial slip ups.

Emma Stone at photocall for The Amazing Spider 2

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone channels her finest prison jumpsuit slash tablecloth here at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 photo call down under in Sydney. Her black and white striped baggy Chloe dress is prime for a fine from the fashion police for a few reasons. This outfit is committing multiple infractions all at once, mixing too many materials, prints and design elements.

We’ve got stripes, sheer overlays, lacy fabric and an asymmetrical hemline, not to mention the fact that Emma’s petite frame is drowning in this oversized ensemble. We would have streamlined the look to just a white dress underneath and a sheer striped number over top. The sleeves and frilly hem is more grandma, less “it” girl.

The final verdict? The yellow pumps are an interesting choice but with so much happening already here, they just clash. But Emma’s red lob (long bob) looks sleek and lovely and the view of the Sydney Opera House in the background is beautiful, so we can almost forgive the bad clothes.

Rihanna leaving nightclub in London

Photo credit: Karl Piper/WENN


Rihanna was leaving Tramp nightclub in London so maybe she was dressing to theme with the venue’s name in this trashy number. The “Pour It Up” singer donned an oversized T-shirt and no pants to party at the exclusive venue.

Her outfit has us confused because if it’s warm enough to forgo any bottoms, why is she also wearing a full length fur coat, which is usually saved for sub-zero temps? And since when does a fancy fur coat go with high top sneakers? Is that a collar she’s wearing along with a huge key necklace? We have so many questions.

The final verdict? So this certainly isn’t Riri’s classiest getup, but she was reportedly out clubbing with her new guy Drake and we totally approve of anyone she’s dating who’s not Chris Brown, so let’s give her points for that. She may not have the best fashion sense but at least her taste in men is improving.

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