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SUV or Smart Car? Choosing the car that fits your life


Picking out a new car is like picking out a good man — he doesn’t have to be perfect for everyone, but he has to be perfect for you. We spoke with a seasoned car analyst to hear his opinion on finding your match.

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Jordan Perch knows that finding a new car is tricky business. He’s a car analyst for, and he regularly provides insight on purchasing cars that meet consumers’ needs in all the right ways. He provided us with some fab tips on finding a car that’s a sweet mix of Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now (since we all know that both are pretty handy, right?)

If you’re young
and carefree

Ford Fiesta

If you’re young and on the move, Perch says it’s super important for you to keep long-term costs in mind when you’re purchasing a car. This translates into a small, fuel-efficient, compact car like a Ford Fiesta to use for weekend partying.

If you log
a lot of miles

Kia Soul

Speaking of fuel-efficiency, good gas mileage is a must if you log a lot of miles for work. Perch recommends the Kia Soul as a fab option for the commuting woman because it has a little more space than a tiny compact, but it still logs 31 mpg on the highway.

If you do a lot of towing

Chevy Suburban
Ford Expedition

We know that you’re all about hauling your boat and Jet Skis to the lake over the summer, so you need a vehicle that can take your abuse. Your best bet is either a truck or SUV, and since SUV stands for Sexy Utility Vehicle, we suggest you start there. Consider purchasing a large SUV like the Chevy Suburban or Ford Expedition, both of which can haul almost five tons of cargo.

If you have a
big crew

Honda Odyssey

“The most obvious choice for a big family is the minivan,” says Perch. “They are spacious, very safe and very reliable.” His top pick for the family minivan? The Honda Odyssey. It’s stylish, too, so no one will even know you’re driving a mom-mobile.

If you live in a
snowy climate

Buick Enclave

A snowbird like you needs a car with some grit to make it through the long, dark winter. Perch suggests the Buick Enclave for your needs, because it’s a sporty vehicle with great safety features, excellent mobility and lots of room for snowshoes.

If you like to
flash some bling

Audi A6

The woman who flashes a little bling knows how to do so with class. She knows how to sign a business deal, flirt with successful men and make an amazing filet mignon. And nothing says classy and luxurious for such a refined woman quite like the beautifully-styled Audi A6.

If you have a
need for speed

Ford Mustang

Finally, channel your daredevil roots with a hot little number like the Ford Mustang convertible. You’ll be able to feel the wind flow through your hair as you step on the gas for a joyride. Why should boys get to have all the fun, anyhow?


What type of car is in your driveway? Tell us why in the comments below!

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