Kid-friendly spring-cleaning tasks

What’s better than giving your home a sparkly and fresh spring cleaning? Getting the whole family to pitch in. Put the kids to work (and lighten your load) with this kid-friendly spring cleaning checklist.

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Declutter the bedrooms

Chances are your kids’ closets are overflowing with clothes that don’t fit and toys they’ve outgrown. Give each child a box or bin, and have them load it up with old clothes, toys and books. If your children have trouble letting go of possessions, give them an incentive to get rid of a few stuffed animals or Barbies by holding a garage sale. They keep the money, and you get a home that doesn’t look like it should be featured on Hoarders.

Wipe the baseboards

Remember how much fun it was to clean the baseboards when you were a kid? It just might be time to share the joy with your own children. Give the kids their own little cleaning kit, including a bucket of rags and a bottle of kid-friendly cleaning spray like Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner (made with a family-friendly hydrogen peroxide solution instead of harsh bleach). Then let them go to town on those grimy baseboards.


Vacuum the carpets

and cushions

Once the floors are picked up, let the kids blast their favorite music and have a vacuuming dance party. Did you know you can now buy vacuum attachments made especially for kids? The new foam light sabers, rockets and wand vacuum attachments from Action Attachments will have the kids begging to help out with the vacuuming duties.


Scrub the toilets

If you have older children, it’s time to hand off the toilet-cleaning duties. Skip the harsh cleaners (and masks and gloves), and have them use a product like Lysol Power & Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner. The hydrogen peroxide formula uses thousands of tiny bubbles to dissolve and remove soap scum and lime scale for a super-clean and fresh-smelling bowl.


Weed out the craft area

Where there’s a craft area, there are bound to be broken crayons, dried-out paint and markers and papers to be tossed. Small kids can go through the art supplies, toss the trash and organize the good stuff into bins. Have them pick out favorite pieces of art to be displayed, and toss the rest.


Clean out the refrigerator

and pantry

Turn the refrigerator and pantry clean-out into a treasure hunt by having the kids scout out old and expired food. Next, have them clear off the shelves and give them a good wipe-down with new Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Wipes. They use the cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide to eliminate messes in a hurry.

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