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This is how dogs like to pillow fight


There is no doubt that dogs love to play fight, especially with pillows. Watch these pups stop at nothing for the love of the fight.


Caught in between foot and mouth

I’m a huge Simpson’s fan, so foot or no foot, this pillow is mine!


Nom, nom, nom

If you show me the pillow, I’m going to bite it. That simple.


Purple pillow eater

Am I supposed to catch the ball or wrestle with it? Pillow fight or pillow fetch, I am game for whatever.


Pillow fight for one, please

Fine, don’t play with me. At least if I fight the pillow by myself, I am guaranteed to win.


Pillow tease

I am only shorter than you on four legs. Just wait until I get on two — I’ll own this pillow.


Pillow blocking

Hi, that’s my blanket under this pillow. Bam, problem solved!


Pillow Ninja

I’m not a pillow fighter, I’m a pillow ninja.



Who needs the pillow when you’ve got the pillow case?


Tore up

I will jump to this pillow wherever it goes, as I love it to shreds. Literally.

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