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3 Closets that will make you want to live at Ikea

Far too often, our closet is the most disorganized, scary place in our whole home. There are a lot of excuses for this — not enough space, not enough time, not enough energy to fight the chaos. Well, no more! Ikea has shown us the way to an organized, dreamy closet. It’s simple, we promise.

Clean and simple

This pure white closet is so squeaky clean it makes us think if we had it, our lives would be in perfect order as well. Recreate this look beginning with Ikea’s large shelving unit ($200). Add simple white drawers ($25) for variety and hide-your-underwearability. Toss in these hangers ($5) and voila! Your closet, and quite possibly your life, is in perfect order.

Pops of personality

Ikea makes it easy to add a few flourishes to a simple closet, and it give some personality. They used two floral hanging storage units ($15) and matching boxes with lids ($20) to brighten this closet. Again, you can always choose to organize your closet using a large structure, but if you just need a little bit of extra space, these mesh baskets ($8) will do the trick.

Spacious and stunning

This closet is the stuff of walk-in dreams. So much space you can have a comfortable chair just sitting on the side, no big deal! Ikea created this look using a large organizer ($259) as its base. Because there was so much extra wiggle room, they were able to add this white chest of drawers ($100) and a few rails ($10) to hold jewelry and scarves. The result is spectacular.

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