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10 Reasons why Hamilton the hipster cat is super suave


If you haven’t heard of Hamilton the hipster cat, you’re doing the internet wrong. Hamilton is a Vine sensation that has nearly 70K people following his every mustached move. That’s right, Hammy sports a bold white mustache, which makes everything he does super charming and debonair. Don’t believe us? Here are 10 reasons Hamilton is the suavest cat on the internet.


Um… he has a mustache

That’s right, this sexy beast has a mustache. How many cats do you know that can pull off a Tom Selleck-inspired look? None.


He enjoys the finer things in life

When he gets a back rub, his face says, “Yes, this is how it’s always supposed to be. Shower me with luxury constantly, please.”


He’s shockingly athletic

Despite his affinity for pampering, when the time comes to act, Hamilton pounces like no one’s business. We’re talking crazy high leaps here.


He defends what’s his

Hammy regularly builds comfy lairs and attacks those who come near his fortresses, and it’s so great.


He’s practically a Disney character

Hamilton makes an excellent Simba. In fact, perhaps a better Simba than the Lion King himself?


He enjoys a good tune

No joke, Hammy breaks it down to all manner of music, including, but not limited to, Kanye West.


He’s got style

Sometimes he wears hipster vests to match his hipster mustache and looks like an ad for Urban Outfitters.


He’s bossy

Hamilton likes his Popsicles a) pink and b) fed to him.


He knows what he wants

Hamilton is always in charge of the remote, so don’t even think about it.


He controls his social media output

Hamilton is only filmed on his own terms, thank you very much.

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