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Nail art tutorial: A new take on the ombre nail design

Instead of fading down into one color, the ombre effect rests in the middle of the nail — being darker in the middle and fading lighter to the top and bottom.

Middle ombre nails


  • Pink polish
  • Maroon polish
  • Hot-pink polish
  • Top coat
  • Tape
  • Makeup sponge

Middle ombré nails



Begin with a pink base coat and tape off the outside area of your nails. (Or you can clean up extra polish with a cotton swab and nail polish remover.)

Middle ombré nails


Paint a gradient color block about the same length as your nails on the makeup sponge. Start with the maroon in the middle, then add hot-pink on either side of it and then medium pink on either side of that. You will need to do 2-3 coats to make sure there’s enough polish on the sponge.

Middle ombré nails


Press the sponge onto your nail, rocking from side to side to coat the whole nail. Let it dry for a minute and add more polish to the sponge. Then repeat the stamping motion a few more times for greater opacity, moving the placement of the sponge a bit each time to enhance the gradient effect.

Middle ombré nails

Middle ombré nails


While the polish is still wet, paint the top coat over the nails to blend the colors together even more. Remove the tape and you’re done.

Middle ombré nails

Middle ombré nails

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