Could this new drug help your arthritis-stricken dog?

A safer, new pain medication to treat arthritis in dogs may soon be available for adult and senior dogs. Find out more about this potential treatment option for your arthritis-stricken dog.

 Could diacerein help your arthritis-stricken dog?

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Due to advances in veterinarian medicine and dog health awareness by pet owners, dogs are healthier and living longer than they have in the past. The fact that dogs are living longer means the odds are pretty good that at some point in time, more adult dogs will suffer from some form of arthritis, which can can cause them pain and difficulty with mobility. A new drug that is being tested might be able to help those dogs who suffer from arthritis and increase the quality and amount of time that owners get to have them even more.

Experts are working on a clinical trial of 20 dogs with a drug called CereKin. CereKin is composed of diacerein, which is a molecule that is used in the treatment of osteoarthritis. The medication comes in chewable form and is said to have fewer side effects for dogs than traditional NSAIDs. (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and won’t be as hard on the kidneys and liver. This new drug has been proven to be effective in decreasing the effects of osteoarthritis in both humans and dogs through several studies, and currently, a blind test is being done on a small group of dogs. Some dogs are given the medication and other dogs are given a placebo. Each dog is carefully examined throughout the trial, where range of motion, mobility and pain are graded on a scale of 1-4.

As dogs continue to become such a huge part of people’s lives and dogs’ owners are taking more steps to ensure they are happy and healthy for as long as possible, a new medication that can ease their pain and keep them moving without harmful side effects seems like a pretty good idea, but dog owners will have to wait just a little longer to see if this drug will become available to the public. Results from the trial are expected to be in later this year, and if successful, the drug will go to the FDA for approval.

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