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Furriest baby farm animals to crush on


Get ready to ooh and aah over some of the cutest animals on the planet, brought directly to you from the farm. Fluffy, soft and oh, so adorable, these farm animals definitely take the cake in the cute department.

The cutest calf on the planet

Seriously, could this baby cow be any cuter? We think not.

Loving on the lamb

Knobby baby knees and the cutest little face make this lambkin a lovable little creature.

Pretty little pony

The reason that little girls everywhere want a pony for their birthdays.

Insta-bunny feed

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This is how I bond, OVER FOOD!

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The definition of adorable can be found in this picture.

Mini piggies

Two little Wilburs in one.

Delightful duckie

He looks fluffy enough to touch right through the computer screen!

Chick baby

What came first? The chicken or this charming little chick?

Goat BFFs

Two very affectionate sister goats who love to cuddle. Mind if we join?

The lonesome little sheep

This little guy just wants a human friend to spend his farm days with.

Wait, let me goat a selfie!

Say “cheese”!

Hay is for horses

This guy looks like he’s up for anything.

Moo cow

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Moo moo #milking #cutecows

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Hey, pretty lady, want to buy me at the auction?

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